Hot Pot

What is a hot pot?

Hot pot is a traditional Chinese food. It is basically a soup with a variety of East Asia foodstuffs and ingredients in a simmering pot. The pot is kept simmering and the ingredients are cooked inside right at table. People eat with dipping sauces and keep putting more ingredients into it. Thus, a hot pot meal normally lasts for hours. Also, people communicate with each other while waiting for food to be fully cooked. Therefore, hot pot is always a good choice for small dinner party with family and friends.

Typical hot pot contains thinly sliced meat, meatballs, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and seafood. Hot pot is more like a cooking method than a dish since different materials can all be cooked in a hot pot.

What do you need for a hot pot?
Ocean Mart has all you need for hot pot!
1. A broth

You can simply make you own broth by boiling water with meat bones, seasonings, vegetables and herbs. Or you can buy a soup base package from Ocean Mart and save your time.

2. Meat and Protein

Thinly sliced beef, pork and lamb





3. Vegetables

Bok choy                               

Napa cabbage


Winter melon

Bean sprouts

Meatballs (Beef balls, fish balls, shrimp balls, pork balls)

Soybean Products

Quail eggs


Tong ho


Thinly sliced potatoes


4. Starches

Chinese noodles

Glass noodles

Year cake


Even Instant noodles

5. Sauces (Create your own dipping sauce by mixing them)

Satay sauce

Sesame paste

Hot mustard

Soy sauce

Black vinegar

Hoisin sauce

Sesame oil

Chili oil

Sweet chili sauce

6. Don't forget drinks!