Tis the Season for Hot Pot

Hot Pot

Need a meal for a party?

Hot pot is the way to go! It's a meal that you build together and eat while visiting. Hot pot's like fondue, except with so many more options. It's perfect for a small get together with family and/or friends. And the best thing? You can get all of the ingredients from Ocean Mart. Read below to see the 6 things you need. But first...

What is a hot pot?

Hot pot is a traditional Chinese food. It is basically a soup with a variety of East Asian ingredients in a simmering pot. The pot is kept simmering and the ingredients are cooked right at the table. People eat with dipping sauces and add flavor to the soup by putting more ingredients into it throughout the meal.

What do you need for a hot pot?

1. A Pot

There are different kinds of hot pots to pick from:

- Hot Pot with BBQ Grill : Give you even more options.

- Split Hot Pot : Perfect if you want different soup


- Basic Hot Pot: Great for a starter.

2. A Base

You can simply make your own broth by boiling water with meat bones, seasonings, vegetables and herbs. Or you can buy a soup base package from Ocean Mart and save time.

3. Meat and Protein

- Thinly sliced beef, pork and lamb